Panorama of London City Hall in the Morning

Wrapping up my trip to London, I was enchanted by how perfectly the city combined old elements and new elements of architecture. I’d spent a good deal of my trip capturing the older architectural landmarks of the city, now I wanted to capture something exhibiting the new.

London City Hall and Tower Bridge in London, UK
October 2014, panorama from 4 vertical images, additional exposures for highlights, focal length 17mm, aperture f/11, exposure 2.5 seconds, ISO 100, tripod.

The London City Hall Building proved to be the perfect selection for a shot. If you are not familiar with how the London City Hall building looks, you may think I’m playing tricks with my camera to distort the City Hall. I cannot take the credit for this one!

Some love the odd shape of the building, some hate it – we will not go into some of the unsavory nicknames if you want a good laugh you can Google it for yourself for a chuckle. The idea behind the strange shape of the building was to reduce surface area to help save energy. As it turned out, this plan did not work out as the builders intended, and this building actually sucks up more energy than it saves.

I decided to create a composition that juxtaposed the Tower Bridge and the City Hall to show the old and new of London in one shot. To do so I traveled over to the Tower Bridge again with the intention of shooting on the other shore of the Thames. Although it was stormy again I still managed to capture a decent shot!

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